Who We Are



Human beings seek inspiration and belonging in all that we do. All communities, teams, groups and organizations codify their beliefs and passions into symbols that derive inspiration and pride. Symbolism has played an essential role in the Human experience for a millennium. In the modern society, Flags have played a central role in symbolism. Flags have become integral in the way we communicate our passions to those around us. From the Roman Legions, to the Union Jack, to the hollowed Red, White, and Blue; Flags have been the cornerstone of passion and symbolism serving as inspiration, banners, and rallying cries to all causes.

Elite Flags is a passion driven organization that seeks to serve people by displaying what they are passionate about, we seek to inspire others by providing an avenue for the consumer to display their passion or cause. This mission is accomplished through the creation and development of high quality, modern, completely customizable flags. Allow Elite Flags to bring what you’re passionate about to the forefront of your life. Our Passion is sharing your Passion!

All of the flags we offer are fully customizable, high quality, and printed in the United States. We take pride in developing high quality flags and offer a money back guarantee on all merchandise. Customize any of our flags to your liking. Message or E-mail us a short description of what you would like customized, and we will be sure to meet your needs. All requests can be e-mailed to Customization@EliteFlags.com or click the message us button located on your screen.